Full Circle coaching mission is to empower drained women to feel strong and connected, mind, body and Spirit. 



Our mission is to exhilarate drained women living lukewarm lives to feel renewed, fearless, and connected mind, body & spirit. In Full Circle Coaching, we believe that all women are destined for more. To come full circle we empower women to be themselves, explore life, and push past their fears to unleash their true potential and never settle. 


Core Tenets- Practice gratitude, Explore life, Follow through, Support others, Push past fear, Be yourself, Connect 


About Emilee


Emilee has been a trainer for the past 8 years. What got her into fitness was her desire for connection and confidence. Exercise not only made her stronger on the outside but also on the inside. The amount of courage, determination, and discipline she acquired from the start of her journey till now made her want to pass that on to others. Emilee created Full Circle coaching to empower busy women to feel connected to mind, body, and spirit. After working with hundreds of clients she discovered that this went beyond the gym. That connecting to women outside of the gym, learning their habits, and helping them feel confident with every decision they made allowed them to feel whole again.
AA of Nutritional Science
OFNC Specialization
Palangi Kickboxing certified