Hola! My name is Emilee Roughton.

I found my confidence and passion in life through fitness. I have been a personal trainer for 6 years and it all started with one kickboxing class in North Carolina. As a kickboxing instructor, I realized I could use my words of encouragement and positivity to help move people in the right direction. As a personal trainer I have had the privilege to work with all shapes, sizes, ages and genders to accomplish their fitness goals. My second passion is food and everything that goes along with it. I have an Associates degree in Nutritional Science and currently in pursuit of my Bachelor's to become a Registered Dietitian. Being vegan, I have learned the ins and outs of food and hope to help others make their best choices while still living a happy life. Through movement and nutrition, I believe that we can learn so much and journey into the happiest of humans.

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