To my relaxing playlist, thank you

Some Days my mind feels so crazy. I feel overwhelmed, my mind space is constantly crowded, and I have no sense of clarity whatsoever. That’s when I need to reset. I want to feel like myself and clear my mind.There are days I want to lay in my room and do nothing and I turn on my relaxing playlist. For me, this refreshes my mind, clears it of all the craziness I dealt with during the day. I can listen to songs I don’t even know but are chill and relaxing. These songs help me get back to myself. We live in world of constant chaos. A million stimuli in our faces all day. Whether it’s the 10 different places you have to drive to, traffic, or dealing with difficult people, it can be incredibly exhausting. It can drive you to the point of mental breakdown I know it does for me. Having a playlist that releases all that tension from your brain can make a huge difference. One of the most stressful times in my life was when I was taking classes spring semester 2018. I thought I was actually turning into a walking, overwhelmed zombie. But, I would listen to my playlist I could remain calm.

These playlists can alleviate stress from your life, clear your brain and bring you back to what is important in life. I recommend finding one that works for you. These are some of my favorite playlists created by Spotify:

  • Piano in the Background
  • Relax & Unwind
  • Soak up the sun
  • Focus Now

Depending on which mood I am in, that is the one I pick.

Go find your chill zone! Your mind will thank you for it!