Life is nuts! Anyone else have a whole plan of how your day is going to go and the Universe says "that's funny". This happens to me on the daily so I am sure if happens to you. Learning how to pivot has been the best skill I could learn as a human being. All day long I am pivoting because nothing can ever be easy. Here are my best tips to learn how to pivot yourself throughout the day:
1. Breathe- whatever it is taking a couple breaths will allow you think about the situation rationally
2. Perspective- think about how big the situation is on the grand scheme of things if you realize its only big in our heads we can tackle the next situation
3. Brainstorm- how can I solve this problem? Where do I go from here? We live in a world of endless possibilities there is a solution available to you, you just have to find it
4. Kindness- whatever obstacle you are facing, it is not other people's problem so don't take out your frustrations on the clerk or customer service representative, they are just trying to do their job
5. Tomorrow- there is always tomorrow, if you can't get something done today you can always get it done tomorrow and honestly sometimes its wayy better to wait until the next day
Always pivot! Don't let one obstacle stop you in your tracks, you are wayy more capable than that. Pivot and keep moving forward