Life as a Bikini Competitor

Going into this bikini world I had no idea what I was getting into. I had my ideas and opinions of this sport and for the most they were negative. I decided to give this a try so that I could learn more about it, experience it and be more fearless. There is nothing scarier in my eyes than being in a sparkly thong bikini in front of people on stage.
What I did first was hire a coach, but I didn’t want just any ole’ coach. Research and reviews were my best friend. There are so many horror stories of girls hiring bad coaches and basically ruining their physiological state. That was not going to happen to me! I found my coach through hours of rifling through Instagram and found a Registered Dietitian named Dylan Bair. I have been with him this entire time and could not be happier. I think that the coach makes the difference in whether you are healthy and happy during this process.
We got started in January, 2019. I was also in school at the time while prepping which I do not recommend. This was a lot of stress to put my body through and I wish I had waited. In true Emilee form I love to put too much on my plate and see what happens.
So, what is life like as a bikini competitor? Life as a bikini competitor is measuring every. Single. Thing. You eat. I am not joking. Down to the single blueberry. You have a complete record of your food. If you go over the measurement you have to record it. If you miss a meal you have to record it. Every thing you eat and drink is recorded. Speaking of drinking, I was drinking up to 2 gallons of water a day. This means peeing every hour or 45 minutes. There were sooo many days where I peed outside and now this has become a weird norm for me. (I know I am disgusting.)
Then there is the training. To me this is the easiest part about Prep. I love working out. I always have. I was training 6 days a week lifting weights. Most girls hire the coach to write their workouts but since I am a personal trainer, I get to write my own which I prefer any ways. Everyday I wake up at 5 am eat a rice cake, get my water together for the morning and head to the gym for 2 hours! I am there everyday for 2 hours because that is what it takes. I was required to do cardio which by the end got up to 45 minutes 5 times per week.
The hardest part about being a bikini competitor is people don’t understand and you miss out on a lot. Over those 27 weeks I never went out to eat, my husband and I never had date nights, if I went to any events I had to bring my own food. People also have a lot to comment about what you are doing. They think I am crazy and say things like “but you’re already skinny”. This was hard and thankfully I have killer will power and discipline that helped me get through those tough times.
Life as a bikini competitor is sacrifice, discipline and consistency. You have to want it. You have to be willing to give a lot for it. It is hard work. It’s different than just working hard in the gym. It’s hard work when it is 7:30 pm at night you’re exhausted and upset from your last organic chemistry exam and you just want to shove peanut butter in your face until the cows come home, hard freakin work. This becomes your whole world because nothing else can fit in to this kind of madness.
In the end, its super rewarding and you come out stronger than you ever thought you could ever be. If you are interested in becoming a bikini competitor just ask yourself how much and what are you willing to sacrifice and then go from there. If you decide to do this, check out my workouts and I cannot wait to see you in your sparkling bikini strutting your stuff.